Dock Freight Service

dock-delivery service

For Dock Delivery Service, you’ll need the right kind of truck. Arizona Same Day Trucking has a full fleet of dock-high trucks. Our reputation for on-time delivery is unsurpassed and a matter of pride. Dock Delivery is available in same day Standard Delivery, Rush Delivery and Hot Shot Delivery. We even offer After Hours Delivery.

You have 15 minutes of dock time scheduled in the afternoon. If your delivery doesn’t happen at that time it might as well not happen at all. Arizona Same Day Trucking offers dock-to-dock delivery so your freight goes from your dock straight to your customer, no cross docking!

With another Trucking service, they might leave your package or pallet sitting on the dock in the hopes that you’ll find it. With Best Courier, we provide inside delivery. We bring your freight right where it needs to go.

But, there are other reasons customers choose  Arizona Same Day Trucking for all their dock delivery needs:

    • Arizona Same Day Trucking  Service is available for scheduled dock times.
    • We have dock-high straight trucks up to 26-feet long that can hold as many as 12 pallets.
    •  Arizona Same Day Trucking provides Dock Delivery Service for medical delivery, manufacturing delivery, printed materials and more.
  • Arizona Same Day Trucking  is not a No-Touch delivery service. Our couriers and truck drivers are available to take your parcel, packages or pallets from the dock and deliver them where they need to go in the building.
  • Our dispatchers, truck drivers and couriers are available 24/7.

We’re also leaders in other delivery services and for good reason:

  • We’ve built our reputation on getting your parcel and freight where it needs to go and on time.
  • All our couriers and truck drivers are uniformed and prominently display their company ID Badge.
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